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Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend of CANS

Thumbs up for Thursday! Eddie took off for half the day, and we spent the afternoon organizing and enjoying the beautiful day. After Back to School Night; I fell asleep to the distance beeps of Maverick's DS game. A smile on my face as Maverick performed math equations on his DS. Maverick content as he competed against Mason's previous stats.

Excitement mounts today; I am picking up race packets and helium/balloons, for the upcoming Head for the Cure 5K on Sunday. Thanks to everyone WE CAN make a difference!!

On Saturday, Eddie will volunteer at Worlds of Fun for Harvesters; as a team of volunteers are constructing a pyramid from donated food cans. It is a world record attempt, so I'll be sure to post pictures. The kids and I plan on a relaxing day at home, it would be fun to help, until Ally reached for a can.

This morning the September Childhood Cancer Awareness banner flashed in my mind. I tossed and turned, indecisive on ideas to spread awareness next month. Stay tuned, I am sure I'll think of something.
Bippety Boppity boo! I am thankful for YOU! Enjoy the weekend!

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Mary Werth said...

Glad you got some decent sleep, Maverick had a fun way to learn and that the race is days away. I am sure you will find inspiration for Sept..