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Monday, August 22, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake and Sobe

Maverick's sunflower

It's Monday and we are gearing up for the Head for the Cure 5K. Last night Maverick told me he hopes we get to 101. So this morning, I noticed we are up to 98 participants!! Wow!!!

Knowing next month is Childhood Cancer Awareness. My gears are moving slow, aching for ideas. I have called a few companies, each time encouraged that someone else becomes aware.

I am still trying to balance family and household duties. When the kids are in school I seem to organize; closets, rooms, and cabinets. The queen of organization you would think, but not so.

The strangest things make my heart cry. A simple straw brings tears, a plastic straw; Mason used straws to drink. An Ice pop wrapper, a simple reminder of Mason's last request. His struggle to eat. It is strange and unpredictable the times my heart shatters. Maverick wanting to color his ceiling with orange and black stripes. A sigh to the heart as Mason I'm sure smiles at the idea.

Yesterday we splashed and relaxed at home, and sunshine filled our hearts. Smiles were all around, but I still look around; MISSING!! I look above for answers. Where is our echo of laughter, our extra ray of sunshine?

Maverick spotted an empty hamster cage in the attic, it brought an instant idea. Maverick was so excited to visit the pet store finding two Siberian dwarf hamsters; one for Ally, named Strawberry Shortcake and one for Maverick, named Digger Sobe. Both boys we think. Although Ally pretends hers is a girl. I can't help but smile at the pictures from this weekend. The little things that make the heart happy.


MusicGirl23 said...

I know the feeling...of finding things, sometimes the most insignificant things that bring back memories. Straws are that way for me as well, not because of a child, but because of my mom's journey with cancer-straws made it easier to drink because she didn't have to be sitting all the way up. I may not have endured what you have, but I know cancer all too well, and at 21, I keep praying for a proper cure. No child, no PERSON should ever have to deal with cancer.

Deanna said...

Such fun pictures of summer fun! Thank you! Tell Maverick I especially like the picture of his sunflower....it is beautiful!