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Friday, July 29, 2011

4 months

4 months have flashed by, and I could use a hug from heaven.
Missing your smile, laughter, and remembering your strength.
Sending you all my love today and always.

Our light shines through in your memory. Today, we hold our head up high and smile knowing your spirit lives on. You have planted a seed forever in our hearts. And God's Love shining more than ever, through friends and family. We send our love to the angels among us, thank you.


Oline Jenkins said...

My heart breaks for you and your family. I hope you get your hugs from Heaven soon. I can't even imagine what you are going through. I do know that I hug my kiddos a lot longer and tighter and that I study their faces and body movements just so I will never forget one single thing about them. Mason has taught me to do that so I hope that brings, at least a little peace to you today. I've learned to Live, Laugh and Love from your precious little angle.

Oline said...

I meant "ANGEL" Sorry about that.

Deanna said...

Even though I didn't get to know Mason for very long, his memory will always be a part of me. I too learned to Laugh, Love, and Live a bit more...and hopefully be a better person for knowing such a special angel as your Mason.

Brandie said...

Sending hugs to you- love you guys.

sheila said...

god bless all of you. you're in my heart...always. xoxo

Heather E said...

I thought of you all this morning. We were out for a drive and I was flipping through radio stations and came across "Our God". I'd only heard it once before 4 months ago, but I still remembered it - so I took a moment to listen and think of you and Mason.