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Friday, August 19, 2011

Black dragon

Have you ever had a dream that you just couldn't figure out? Black dragons were circling, and circling over my head. Floating gracefully above my head. So I kind of had a chuckle and wondered why on Earth I dreamed about black dragons? If only I had counted them, or paid more attention. For fun, I searched a dream dictionary ( see below).
BUT, what amazes me more.... As I was glancing through pictures, a picture stood out like no other, I almost missed it. The EXACT same black dragon in my dream, Mason wore on his arm in March 2010. To view this picture right after my dream well, you tell me?

To see a dragon in your dream, represents your strong will and fiery personality. You tend to get carried away by your passion, which may lead you into trouble. You need to exercise some self-control.


Anonymous said...

This msg gave me goosebumps. WOW.

Kirsten said...

Isn't the mind an amazing thing? It records everything, even details we didn't consciously notice.

I am proud to know you and Eddie. Your passion to fight against childhood cancer is a noble and worthy cause. I'll see you Sunday!