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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! I have mixed feelings as we approach 2011. Today we look back on 2010; and think of all the good times and happy. We thank you for following our journey and those who have recently. We are ever so thankful for you. We could not have gotten by without our friends and family. I've learned so much about friendship; new and old. And the compassion from complete strangers. We thank you from the bottom of our heart. We hold all those cherished memories of 2010 close to our hearts. We thank each and everyone for your support and the joy you have added to our lives. 2010 taught us that life is a gift, we should cherish everyday. God is in control; it is He that holds tomorrow. We can not predict the future. So celebrate today and everyday. Here's to 2011; we will take you day by day. Here's to traditions, memories, love and laughter in 2011. THANK YOU for helping us get through this year!

In 2010 Mason, built a snowman, played soccer, ran, jumped, went off the high dive, roller skated, played football, rode his bike, went on a zip line, wrestled, painted a picture, ate an ice cream cone, walked to school, sang, danced in the rain, received a medal, flew in an airplane, splashed in the fountains, traveled in 11 states, swam in Lake Erie, made a sand castle, played in crashing waves, drove a boat, went tubing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, splashed his brother, went on a hike, rode a motorcycle, drove a 4-wheeler, went down a water slide, hugged his family from New York, had pizza at Leaning Tower, slept in a camper, went mushroom hunting, got his first camera, played laser tag, went berry picking, ran through a field, had a water gun fight, convinced mom to try sushi, splashed in a waterfall, slid down a water fall, hiked in Stony Brook, played washers, threw a Frisbee, chased a rainbow, blew out birthday candles, purchased a dog, climbed the jungle gym, ran his first 5K, pushed his sister in a swing, carried his sister on his back, read out loud, wrote his name in the sand, went fishing, caught fire flies, went rock hunting, went to Disney World for the first time, went to Silver Dollar City, Worlds of Fun, rode a roller coaster, watched fireworks, held a sparkler, started 4th grade, rode in a convertible, led a Childhood Cancer parade, dreamed of owning a log cabin, was dubbed a knight, went trick or treating, carved a pumpkin, went to Chiefs game, tailgated, walked his dog, played catch, started a fire, roasted s'mores, caught a snowflake, watched it snow, listened to his school teachers sing, raised money for Make-a-Wish, opened Christmas gifts, laughed out loud, went sledding, and for the first time stayed awake until midnight to ring in the New Year.
I'd give anything to witness it all again, as you start your New Year, think about all the things you take for granted and be thankful.

Mason drifted to sleep by 12:05, a #8 headache and a whisper, "When can I start the steroids?"


Brandie said...

I hope 2011 gives you just as many wonderful memories- even more. Here is to the family that has taught US that life is about ALL the wonderful things Mason and your family did together. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping us a part of your daily journey as you update the blog. I wish you all more nerf gun fights, more sledding in the snow, a huge fish caught by the kids, the world's biggest ice cream cones, stories made up by the kids that make you laugh so hard you can't stop, and endless smiles. You have opened our eyes to what matters, what doesn't and what a true hero is! I wish you all have an incredible and magical 2011. Love and hugs to you all!

Amy said...

I can't say what is in my heart any better than Brandie did. Thank you Kempf family. ♥

Anonymous said...

Bless his heart...

Forgive me for not knowing, but will steroids help with Mason's headaches?

Ditto what Brandie said, for I could not say it nearly as well. I wish you loads more laughter and memories in the year ahead!

The Kempf Family said...

The steroids may help with headaches; it helps relieve some of the pressure. But there are also side effects, and Mason keeps changing his mind. No headaches last night.

Anonymous said...

Mason and ALL of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Jenkintown, PA

Anonymous said...

You are in our prayers. Daily. And Henry and Warren ask about Mason often.

To quote Brandie above, she said it best, "You have opened our eyes to what matters, what doesn't and what a true hero is!"

May you find joy each day.

Love and friendship.