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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Enjoying the Snow

We've been busy playing in the Snow!! If we haven't returned a phone call, we've been having too much FUN!! Maverick is ready to be the next Shaun White. (that's his $2.00 snowboard I found in March) Ally has decided that Snow is so much better than food. Mason has been soaking it all in, and the smiles continue to pile up. It was so much fun when the neighborhood kids stopped by to play. With temps near 60 today we are going to enjoy every last minute the snow stays; I have a feeling the sledding hill may not last. The pictures tell it all! Mason got his haircut yesterday too; he is promised a Target trip.(see photo below) It was quite an experience, he is so sensitive and it broke my heart. I felt awful, "It's too short, mom!!" and then non-stop tears. I thought he was going to wear a hat the rest of winter. Thankfully a little styling gel made him smile again. It is nice to see those beautiful brown eyes again.

Mason received an EXCITING package in the mail; from New Orleans Saints Football team. A signed autograph football. He was very excited and made him remember our 2010 Superbowl football SNOWMAN!! Mason predicted New Orleans to win!! What an INCREDIBLE gift!!!! Thank you from the bottom of our heart, I hope you can see the excitement!!


Kirsten said...

Look at that handsome face that's been hiding under the hair! I'm so glad you've been enjoying this holiday week! what a treat to have warm air and snow to play in!

Anonymous said...

He looks great with his new haircut!

Anonymous said...

Love the haircut!

Brandie said...

You and those amazing garage sale finds!!! Love the snowboard!! Most of all, I love seeing all those smiles!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the haircut really does show off his handsome face and those big brown eyes! Enjoy the snow as long as you can - just like Frosty the Snow man said! Thumpety Thump Thump - Look at Frosty and Mason and Maverick and Ally go!

Amy said...

Love the smiles and the haircut. Mason looked handsome before, and even more handsome now! I bet it is a lot easier to see that keyboard on his awesome new lap top, too! I was honored to have watched those smiles come down that sledding hill in person. I hope the warm air doesn't melt that hill away all together. Enjoy every last flake!!

pannellfamily said...

His haircut looks GREAT!! So much better to see his face:)

Anonymous said...

I hate to see that snow melt already, but boy does it look like you guys had a blast! Now if Mother Nature would just cooperate and pour some more from the heavens. Love the haircut; I think it makes him look older. What an awesome surprise from the Saints! Happy New Year.