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For the beauty of Snow and Magic on Christmas :
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Monday, December 13, 2010

SNOW!!! Brr! The cold did not stop Mason, Maverick and Ally from playing in the snow. They could not get dressed fast enough. Dad pulled everyone on the sled and then we celebrated with hot cocoa. Maverick played outside longer than the rest actually using a rake to scoop up all the snow into a tiny ramp. He was trying hard to create a snow hill, but there just wasn't quite enough snow. The rest of the day we relaxed, and watched Chiefs football. We are almost finished reading our Hero book; it is a nice way to end each night. I almost forgot to mention that we visited Santa this weekend. Ally asked for ice cream; she has had her eye on a Melissa and Doug ice cream play set since September. Her favorite ice cream, vanilla. And Maverick asked for a R/C car; Mason-Snow!! The countdown to Christmas has never been so anticipated.


Brandie said...

I had tears I was so happy to see snow on the ground when we woke up on Sunday morning for Mason!!!! Give the kids a big hug from us all! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

As I was leaving my house on Saturday night, in Springfield, my husband said that it looked like our family in the KC area would be getting some snow.....my first thought....Snow for Mason. You are in my prayers.