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Monday, December 6, 2010

Double Vision

Wow, just two words tonight; Mason couldn't even say them. "Double vision." It was the end of what I almost wanted to call a perfect day. Mason seemed to be doing great all day, no complaints. And balance seemed better too; until tonight when I could tell something was bothering him. So I began with the questions. My heart sank when he nodded yes to double vision. And even more surprising he is ready to start steroids. What else can I say? I held him tight and told him not to be afraid, that I will always be by his side. No child should have to go through this. So tomorrow, I will pick up the prescription that I knew we could not avoid. With steroids the body's immune system weakens; so an antibiotic is also prescribed along with Zantac for stomach pain. And with the flu season upon us we'll have to be very cautious. Double vision; the most horrifying words I have ever known, it just takes me back to when this whole nightmare started. Such a mixture of emotions.


Anonymous said...

Andria, my heart aches for you guys. You are right, a 9 year old should have have to be going through this. WE LOVE YOU MASON!
Is there anything we can do for you?


Anonymous said...

My heart aches for your entire family. Andria and Eddie, please let us know chores, errands anything that can be done so you can focus your energy on your family.


Melinda said...

I'm so very sorry for everything you & your family has gone through these past 9 months. Mason is so lucky to have such great & loving parents. My heart breaks for you because the love of a parent for their child just makes us want to take the hurt away for them and we would do anything in order to do so. Just saying that we are praying for you guys seems like such a small thing, but so many of us have you & your family in our prayers. May today be more peaceful for everyone. thinking of you ++++++

Amy said...

Oh no...so very sorry. The previous posts to this blog entry express all that I would like to express to you and your family, too. My heart hurts, can't even imagine the hurt your heart is feeling. Mason is a brave boy. I love you all...

Misic Family said...

Sending out prayers for your family more than ever. On Sunday the lead pastor at my church prayed with me and Zach for your family to feel gods love like a warm soft blanket wrapped around all of you holding you together. I sent out a prayer request to my church also.
I hope the steroids help relieve Mason's symptoms. Please let us help in any way we can. Even if if is just as simple as running to the store for you. Or helping with laundry. We're here for you all.
Melissa, Zoran, Aubrey, Zach and Zaylee

Brandie said...

You are all in our every thought and prayer now and forever. You call me- ANYTIME, FOR ANYTHING, ANY DAY!!!! Love you all so much!!

Tara said...

(((HUGS))) and ditto to all the rest.

Anonymous said...

Andria and Eddie,
There are never enough words or thoughts or prayers! My mother is battling cancer and everyday I pray that her miracle is given to Mason. My mother has lead a full life-Mason should have the chance to do the same. Our entire family prays for you every night and we hold our breath at mass when Mason is listed in the prayer intentions. I am just so sorry and I wish so desperately that I could fix this for you. We all feel so helpless. We love you and we will keep praying!

Carrie Horton

Anonymous said...

I think your family is very courageous and no one really knows how someone is feeling until they walk in the other persons shoes.  All I can say is that I hope God gives you strength because you have to be strong for Maverick and Ally.  Mason is such a precious boy and I believe I can speak for everyone that has posted a comment he has taught us to appreciate the smallest things in life.

Anonymous said...

hi I got a daughter call belen she is 6 and have the same type of tumor.She was diagnosed in August 2010 I would like to stay in tuch with you and maybe we can share experiences and you can help me to what to say to her some times is so difficult. we live in England althouth i am spainis. thanks love Miriam