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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


What is a Wiscurzoo? They are invading our house!!  It all began with a drawing and then an idea and the Wiscurzoo was born. Maverick created his first 15 before school started this summer.  The reason, to honor Mason and a desire to help Make a Wish®, Cure for Cancer and the KC Zoo.   After finding out about an upcoming craft fair, Maverick has been busy cutting, sewing, and stuffing.  Mom and dad have been helping too. By the way, I do not sew, Mimi is the one that passed her sewing skills to Maverick. Ally shares her input too, she's the official Hug tester.  It started with various different designs, but for now 2 of the designs have been in production.  Ally's favorite is Maverick's very first one, no longer neglected after being stitched on the wrong side.  She named it Gummi Bear.  Every night before bed she snuggles it close and feels safe protected from monsters.   Maverick is selling each for $6, with $5 going directly to Make-A-Wish Foundation Seasons of Wishes® in memory of Mason.  Once again we will have a Season of Wish® tree and of course our Christmas lighting dedicated to Mason.  So many ideas and events in the upcoming months, so keep checking back.
Below is a sneak peek at some Wiscurzoos, they are soft, lovable and all for a cause. If you are feeling blue, got the flu, just don't know what to do.... Squeeze a Wiscurzoo!


Heather E said...

Wow! Nice job Mav!!!

Jessica said...

i would love to get in on this! let us know if we can submit orders from other states to get some in time for the holidays!

The Kempf Family said...

Jessica, thank you. Actually Maverick had suggested to sell them on-line, but I'd thought we would try the sale mid-October, and then possible sell on-line. So far he is enjoying making them, and they keep multiplying.
He would probably be thrilled to take orders. :) We will keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

they are SO cute...what a great idea!!!

Deanna said...

Maverick, what an awesome idea! And I love the name, Wiscurzoo! They are so cool! Way to go! And, Ally, I know you are a good hugger, filling each Wiscurzoo with lots of love!