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Friday, September 16, 2011

A phone call

A heavy sigh on my heart, a numbness throughout.  A phone call today letting me know Kimberly had passed away in July.  Kimberly, I met on the most important day of my life.  Not only did I meet her for the first time, but she chose us. She is the reason we became mom and dad. She was Mason's birth mom. Words can not explain, unless you have adopted a child. She holds a special place in our hearts that is indescribable,  she is a true angel. We will always be thankful for her. I wrote letters and sent pictures throughout Mason's journey, never knowing she may be on her own journey of courage.
When Mason was eight years old he asked about his birth mom, all I could share is a Kodak picture and the story of his birth.  Sharing the moment we became mom and dad, the miraculous and best day of our life. I could barely hold him with my shaking knees and pounding heart. A connection like no other.  His first night we never left his sight as we watched his every twitch and move.  We drove straight home the next day; never a more prouder mom and dad.   Mason smiled, he always knew he was adopted; and how God made us family.  It didn't matter to him.   He felt the love.  Mason's only comment, "Why isn't she smiling in the photo?" I explained, she was saying good-bye. But, she chose us to take care of you."  Rest in peace Kimberly, you've always been an angel to us. 


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Mason's birth mother. I remember the day you drove off to be at the birth. I was just so excited for you all! Kimberly gave you the most precious of gifts but you in turn gave her the ultimate gift - a perfect family to love and cherish her child. Hugs and love to you...
Diane Ryan

Deanna said...

I can only imagine what a sad phone call this had to be for you. How wonderful that you had reconnected and shared Mason's journey with her. I am sure that knowing of his bravery was of help to her as the struggled with her own journey. Diane said it so well, "Kimberly gave you the most precious of gifts but you and Eddie gave her the ultimate gift...a perfect family to love and cherish her child."
With hugs and love always,