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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sending you a hug today and everyday

Yesterday, I spent the entire day cleaning the basement.  It is actually in order.  As I cleaned, my heart ached, a pile of pictures, a tub of Valentines, a toy inscribed with Mason's name.  Memories I never to be erased.  It is amazing the smallest things can trigger our emotions.  Even a simple bubble wand. Constant reminders, hugs to our hearts.  A ton of bricks fell on my heart and tears fell as Chris Tomlin's song," I Will Rise" played on the radio. 
 The morning before I dreamed of the most beautiful, colorful butterfly tree, it was like you were saying hello; a glimpse of heaven.

Last night, my parents treated us to dinner at Chili's for "St. Jude" day.  As we colored peppers, Ally spotted the St. Jude emblem, with excitement, she yelled, "Mason".   Her colorful pepper, she proudly and correctly wrote M, A, S, O, N above her pepper.  It was a perfect way to end our night.  It's been almost 6 months, half of a year, our hearts cry out more than ever.  We MISS you.  All we can do is reach for the sky and send you a hug.

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Anonymous said...

We love you Kempf's!