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Friday, May 27, 2011

Tiger Pumpkin pie

Who would have thought a trip to the library could ignite so many memories? As I glanced around the children's section; book after book started to talk to me. It was the titles that called out Mason's name. The first book titled "Where the Buffalo roam" I felt a warm summer breeze and remembered the field of buffaloes in Memphis.

Then the next book "The First Snowfall with a snowman on the front and another book "Snow music" with a picture of a snow globe. The next book I laughed, a tiger was holding a Pumpkin. And after flipping through the book there stands a tiger holding a PUMPKIN PIE!! Mason had a special message that always included pumpkin pie. It was definitely a hello. A chill went down my spine from the next book" Tiger Flowers". Look at the cover; who would have ever thought?

With the next book my heart just smiled it was simply titled, "I'll always love you"
I remained focused after we are in the public library; Ally started reading an ABC book out loud. I moved to another section of books. Only to find another title jumping out for my attention. "Look over here"

As we were walking out the door another book cried out; "Always my brother".
I could hardly concentrate as I was scanning the books; I do have to wonder was this all a coincidence or was Mason really saying hello? I know there only book titles, but it seemed like the books were jumping out to me. I was just looking for books to read to Ally.
Tonight we saw Kung Fu Panda 2. I remember the commercials. It made Mason smile. As we left the theater, Eddie whispered," Mason would have loved that movie". There was an empty seat next to me; I was thinking of the same thing.

When you miss someone SO MUCH the whole world turns into a MEMORY.


Brandie said...

He is all around you. I think it is just his way to say he loves you and is doing well. The Tiger Flower book cover took my breath away! It is his sweet face! Hugs!!!!! Love you all so much!

marla loveall said...

definately lots of hello's from heaven!!! Followed by laughter and a big smile! Yea, that tiger flower book is pretty amazing!