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Thursday, May 26, 2011

School is out for Summer

Mason loved school. I will spare details of emptying a back pack of Mason's school supplies, his last papers from last October. Starting today school is out for Summer. Which reminds me of the first day of summer. Mason's birthday. We always made a BIG splash for his birthday. This year you CAN show the KC Zoo what he meant to you. (See the invite on the left side.) I'm in a whirlwind because we don't want to ask for another dime or time, because you have done so much. But we do want to keep Mason's spirit alive; his dream alive. We want to impact others. Mason's birthday won't be easy, but knowing he still is making a difference; adds a smile to our hearts. Please join us in honoring Mason's 10th birthday, by sending a birthday card to the Zoo. Just think if everyone sent just $1, or just a note explaining how Mason's impacted your life. Every part of Mason's journey was magical; we want to share that magic. He will always be our hero. But Mason's greatest gift was influencing others to Make a DIFFERENCE. Let's share that "Love and Laughter "with the Zoo, for the tigers that represent courage and strength. That's what it is all about; spreading kindness, knowing the inspiration is alive in us all. Free the tiger in you. Instead of singing Happy Birthday on June 21, "ROAR' and MAKE A BIG SPLASH!!
And I am so thankful we are taking advice from a friend, to concentrate on summer memories with Maverick and Ally. Get ready to make a SPLASH Maverick and Ally; school's out for summer!!!


Amy said...

Hi Andria, what a lovely way to celebrate Mason's 10th birthday. I have the date on my calendar already. I'll miss seeing you and the kids each day walking to and from school, hope we can visit during the summer. My thoughts are with you daily, sending good ones your way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andria. I love the idea ... celebrating Mason's 10th birthday with the tigers. I bet they get tons of cards.

Sending thoughts and prayers to you my friend. Happy Summer!


Celeste said...

Hoping for as much of a turn out of cards as your Valentines! Laura Berger--ready or not?! Hope you were safe yesterday in the weather!

Anonymous said...

For his 10th Birthday...we should all send $10.00!

Anonymous said...

Our card will be in the mail. Just realized today that Mason and our son, Austin, share the same birthday. Austin will be 15 and finally asked for a book this birthday......the Driver's Ed. Manual...ha.

I have the greatest admiration for your family.
You are in my prayers. Everyone please remember and pray for the families in Joplin. Our middle son spent the day there today and will forever be changed by the devastation he witnessed.

marla loveall said...

what a great idea Andria! We will be sending a card off to the zoo from the Loveall family. His birthday will be hard but you are absolutely right to concentrate on summer memories with Ally and Maverick. Youre still in our thoughts prayers and conversations daily! My son Andrew shares Masons love of tigers. He has two huge photo's of tigers in his room and he has commented several times that he bet Mason would have liked to have those also. It's a bond between two boys who never even met but it does make Andrew feel like he has a connection to Mason. Sending a card would be a perfect thing for him!