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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Filling our summer with splashes. We have spent 3 days in a row at the pool. Yesterday was a blast watching Maverick run around with his school friends. It feels good watching him laugh and splash. He got a new bike to pedal around the neighborhood too; he loves to race as fast as he can. I sit back and smile. There are many times that I add Mason to our day. I take snapshots in my mind and crop his picture where he is suppose to be. I listen for his voice while Maverick's playing Wii. Nobody knows. I will always see him with us. At the pool; he'd be splashing with Ally or throwing the ball; goggles and all. He follows our footsteps, our splashes, our every movement. I wish I didn't have to pretend..

It's June 1st and Mason's 10th birthday would have been already in the works. He asked if he could celebrate at Powerplay. He had lots of fun there; and loved Laser tag. You can help celebrate his birthday this year with a simple birthday card with one dollar to the KC Zoo; The countdown is on, I've heard Mason's roar; now the Zoo can too. Thank you for making his 10th birthday special and for keeping his memory alive.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking bout you daily Andria---We will be sending cards to the zoo! The kids are excited to do another "project" for Mason. Even though we didn't know him we feel like we do just from you and your blog. Keep your head held high and keep making memories!
Wendy Hoefler