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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Awesome memories at the Zoo

My mind keeps crying out, "Write!" Escape through words"
Tomorrow, we are excited for the garage sale. It helps us all. Maverick and Ally want to be a part of the sale too, it fills our heart with joy. Thank you for the donations as all proceeds will benefit Mason's favorite animal. Why the tigers? Why the KC Zoo? Why? It's not only Mason's love for tigers, there are many reasons the Zoo cries out Mason. In Memphis, the Zoo was our escape from St. Jude, from needle pokes, chemo, and being miles away from home. And guess which animal we always had to visit? The tigers. Laughter and good times would always follow at the Zoo. We laughed and splashed at Teton Trek, a fountain that would shoot water out just like "Old Faithful". (That's Maverick above racing through like a rocket, he has no fear) It was there where Mason shared his dream of living in a log cabin someday. It was also the home of the grizzly bear exhibit where Mason read the name, "Diane and Fred Smith" It was their generous donation to the zoo that helped with the exhibit.
Have you been to the zoo lately? Eddie and I on our last visit sat and people watched. It was joyous to see all the smiles, laughter and families having fun together. Other families were making memories just like we were. What a perfect way to always remember Mason at the Zoo. A place where we found love, laughter and special memories.
Thanks everyone for your support. Now you can see why we are WILD about the ZOO. We want to make a difference "Zoo".

We are still trying to balance everything. My heart is like a raging fire that keeps getting doused with water. You can hear the sizzle as the fire dies out, but somehow it ignites again. Here we are.

Maverick's garden has sprung to life, peas, beans, onions, strawberries, tomatoes and carrots. He enjoys watching the progress. And when his baseball team didn't do so well, there was disappoint. But I am so proud that even after practice he spent the entire night swinging the bat over and over wanting to improve. He continues to take guitar lessons and is excited summer is fast approaching. He is excited to help sell Tiger punch and items to help the Zoo.

Ally continues to remind us Mason is always with us. She dreams that Mason will fly down take off his fairy wings and stay with us. I can vision Mason's face when she said "fairy wings".
Ally coughing expressed, " I am going to be sick forever." I assume she associates sickness with dying. I reply, "Ally you will get better, Mason had Cancer" She replied, "I know God is the only one that could heal him, he is walking now." But, "I miss him."


Anonymous said...

Andria, your posts continue to amaze me. You truely have a way with words.

I hope the sale goes well. Jayden and I are going to stop by early before school (hopefully).

Have a wonderful day.


Brandie said...

I miss him too. You are an incredbile family!!

Celeste said...

We saw the tigers yesterday. Allison's comment "We're going to help get the tigers a better place to live. Mason is helping make that happen." I found it interesting, her use of the present tense in her words. All too true. Mason is helping--even in his earthly absense.