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Friday, April 22, 2011

upside down

"It's like the world is upside down" Maverick once again describes his day. As numbness consumes my body and soul. Overwhelmed by sadness, but yet we move forward. Not really knowing if we are headed in the right direction, but we do our best unable to shake the pain. Instead of isolation we find comfort in normal day activity, friends and family. And when I least expect it Ally looks up smiling at the clouds and says, "Hello Mason". Knowing Mason is there looking down at us, his spirit always with us. As I cling on to his Justice League heroes, or turn the pages of his journal, even an airplane overhead flashes back to the Memphis airport. So many memories in my mind, wishing I could travel back in time and relive every minute. As Ally has me draw a picture of our family, Mason high above the clouds, she cheers..." See mom Mason is in our family you don't have to cry anymore." The world is upside down. Even our frown somehow turns into a smile.
Now more than ever I want to stand up and scream, as anger boils through my veins...but I think instead of what I can do. There are so many ideas on what to do; find a cure, save the tigers, help someone, smile and make someones day. Because what Mason taught us is to find that strength when the world is upside down, yep he is right beside me. So even though numbness rains on us, there is also that Tiger above pulling us through. And Maverick and Ally right here; reminding us to move forward. Raindrops fall today as cloudy skies are in the forecast but we know a rainbow will grace the sky again.


Anonymous said...

You guys are an amazing family with the strength of a million tigers. We are all here for your family. Praying every day.


Brandie said...

Always here for you if you need me, anytime of the day. Hope tomorrow is a beautiful day for you all, sorry we won't be there. Praying for strength and peace for you today. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

No words just prayers and love being sent your way.

Tiffany said...

Andria, Thanks for sharing. I pray for the right people and right mission comes your way. Even if that is to mourn with your kids and Eddie and feel the hurt for a while, I pray for the love and for peace to stand along side you and help hold you and comfort you as long as you need.

Deanna said...

My heart is breaking for all of you. This is an especially hard week-end and you know Mason is watching over each of you, wanting to take away your
pain. You have so many friends who only wish we could help to take
away some of the hurting. Prayers are with you during this Easter
season and Ally's birthday!

Amy said...

I am so sorry for your pain, your anger, your sadness...I hope that writing the blog and letting "it all hang out" provides some healing for you. It certainly teaches the rest of us to appreciate what we have and live each day the best way we can. Thank you.

marla loveall said...

Continuing to lift your family up in prayer. I know that this weekend will be tough with Easter and thinking of Mason hunting for his eggs with Maverick and Ally. I'm sure that you guys will include him in your activities of the day and I hope that you can feel some comfort in that together. Praying for the rainbow!

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow, a child in my family will find a green agg with a cute plastic tiger inside. A tribute to your sweet son from a stranger who prays God will continue to wrap you all in His loving arms. The child will delight in the unexpected find, and I will likely shed a silent tear.