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Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Hello" Mason Star

Good Morning. Yesterday was a beautiful day and we have been spring cleaning. Keeping busy. No matter what we do, Mason is right there. Always picturing him where ever we are, and missing him more than ever!! Last night as we arrived home, the minute the van door opened, Ally burst out of her seat to look for Mason's star. " Hello Mason" Later inside the house Ally found an open window tugged at me with tears in her eyes, "Mason I miss you so much, please come back" I could barely reply, "Ally he hears us and we can talk to him any time, he is smiling and having a good time" We could sit around and cry all day, as we have done so for a year knowing the out come. Our hearts still ache so much, and there is a constant lump in my throat. But, I want to focus on what Mason would do, and pull from his incredible strength. I will keep blogging and focus on Mason's wishes. There will be events, possible fundraisers, and fun times all in Mason's memory. We march forward for you Mason, helping us up whenever we fall. "I always told him he would accomplish so much, why stop now."


Amy said...

You are such an incredible family.

Laure Ann Lampart lwigganlampart@yahoo.com said...

Dearest Kempf family, as I write this, tears stream down my face . We are also on the road that you have been travelling with your amazing angel and beautiful son and brother, Mason. I am the mother of our sunbeam who is keeping Mason's company now in her new and perfect body in Heaven..probably chatting away and performing cartwheels and introducing him to everyone. Leigh Ashley Lampart our 10 year old daughter and sister to Kyle, also died of DIPG Thanksgiving 2009, after courageously showing us how to live with love,grace, strength, acceptance and giving each moment all you have without self pity or wasting precious time. It has been an extremely painful and difficult 15 mos, I cannot lie, and as a Christian, has tested all of what I most hold dear and true, but that is the road of faith in the storm. I am also ironically a hospital based pediatrician, so this tragedy has struck in every facet of my life. There are no answers, no explanations, no reasons why this horrible disease strikes families from all walks of life wihout regard for the love or beauty of the next target family unit. I want to encourage you to take moment by moment, cherish Mason and all of those memories that NOTHING can take away. Allow yourself to just... be. The journey 1 year later is still unbelievably difficult in spite of the resolve and intentions of always wanting to honor Leigh's strength, faith and love of life, family and friends. Her school which stood by her in the hardest times to the end and continues to honor her in different ways, was touched by Mason and sent him valentine's cards from Weston, Florida- Manatee Bay Elementary, Mrs jefferson's class.I hope you can take a sliver of comfort during this most raw,painfully fresh time,in that God is faithful and you will survive, you will have joyous moments and even sometimes laugh again, as you learn to live with the pain and void of life here without Mason, though each of you is forever changed. Forgive those who will not "get it" or who choose to find this path too hard to travel with you and instead, surround yourself with those willing to comfort and hold you, and cry with you as well as laugh and share with you about Mason now and 20years from now!! LOVE is the greatest gift, so hold on tenaciously to it as it anchors all of us in this unfair unwanted storm. Mason will never be forgotten!!

Brandie said...

He is smiling at us all! I feel his strength, his will! :) We WILL have more fundraisers in his honor, his legacy will CONTINUE to keep moving people to be better, pay it forward and to enjoy our world. Through his strength, through YOUR strength, we will do it!! <3 Hoping today is a peaceful day for you all. We love you all so much, thank you for keeping us all close to your hearts through all the updates on this amazing blog.

Jessica J. said...

Still thinking about you, praying for you and sending lots of love every day.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to that!


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