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Monday, April 25, 2011

To think about..

Why are we in this world? Ally asks. And then when I have not answered she replies, "Why did God put us on this planet? Then of course she decides she wants to give Jupiter a try. Still I sit in silence, so she wants me to pick a planet. I blurt out "Mars" (I still trying to figure out the first question) Ally giggles and says no, that is the hottest planet mom. I am still engrossed in the first question and trying to figure out where she heard the question. So finally I ask, did your teacher ask you that? No, mom Mason asked me. And then he told me, "Everyone is special to God"
Where was I during this conversation? Why didn't Mason ask me that question? Did he try and I just didn't slow down? Maybe I just didn't have the response he was looking for.

I immediately flashed back to another time when Mason was Ally's age, after reading about God's creation, Mason's looks at me and says, "Who created God?"

Today my mind keeps repeating, Why are we in this world? Can you hear the echo too? Maybe some of you already have your answer. Shall I wait in a cocoon while I reflect for an answer? I know Mason was right when he answered "Everyone is special to God" That is my answer. And so I go forth because, "Everyone is special to God". Peace can be felt in my heart today. And Mason your wisdom lives on...


Anonymous said...

Ally is something...her brother has taught her well. I would have loved to hear that conversation. Mason was well beyond his years with wisdom. An old sole...

After reading this..peace is my heart today too!

Love you..Carrie

Dionne said...

I love you Andria! I love your heart...I love your strength, I love your wisdom. I love that in spite of your pain and suffering inside that you seem to always have a smile on your beautiful face. I believe (among many other reasons), YOU were put on this earth to be a mother to your beautiful children, to accept them as gifts from GOD. You loved Mason so perfectly and continue to do so! GOD knew you were the perfect one for Mason - such a special boy - and that YOU would be strong enough to not only love him through his battle with cancer but that YOU would bring joy, love and peace to others (everyone that knows you) to help them through losing Mason and even help them with struggles in their own lives. God knew YOU were the one that would continue to honor him (both GOD and Mason) in spite of your pain and continue to touch and AMAZE everyone around you with your incredible strength and faith. You are gracious, you are faithful..God chose and employs you to do his work...and YOU inspire me to be a better Christian, wife, mother, daughter, niece, aunt, and all around better person! Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

You continue to amaze and inspire me. I can't improve on what you said or on the comments posted by Carrie and Dionne. Thanks for keeping us a part of your journey as we keep your family in our hearts. Marjorie

DJ said...

Perfectly said Dionne! The Kempf family is a constant inspiration to all of us. I too can't improve upon the remarks above.


Anonymous said...

I am so honored to be married to Andria. She has such a unique and inspiring look into our children and our lives. I am so glad that we chose to keep her home with our children. In a way I am jealous. She gets to share so many moments with our children. Every day she gets to share with me the adventures they share while I am at work and then eloquently writes them for everyone to share. She truly sees our love and commitment to our family. I Love you Andria!

(Mason's (Forever 9) Dad

I think God put us here to discover Love and Friendship - the two spirits that are always in our heart, waiting to be discovered, to share and help others to unlocks those spirits within their hearts.

DJ said...

OMG Eddie - Beautiful! She is amazing and when I met her I could tell instantly she was a very special person. You too have been just as strong and wonderful to your family and we all sit back and admire the relationships within your family that unfold before our eyes and I am sure many wished the true love you all display where as strong within their homes. I have been in your shoes and this type of journey can break the best as it did mine, I just did not communicate as well as you both have done and still do. I had sent a note to you and Andria about a Brave Little Soul - it perfectly describes you both, very special people to a gift God lent to you - He picked Masons parents and family well. I hope it did bring a small amount of comfort to you both. You are a great man Eddie to your wife and children. Stay strong!