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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today was a quiet day, we went to see Toy Story 3. Great movie! Made me cry. It was Ally's first movie at a theater. This evening we went for another swim at the pool. Mason has blood work tomorrow morning, his questions sometimes wear me down. He always wants a direct answer, his mind is constantly thinking. Hopefully, we can make some summer plans, We want to do it all! Birthdays make me think about how we spend our time. The smiles from my children are the times I cherish the most.
"Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live"


Eddie (Dad) said...

It is amazing how many questions he asks. I never get tired of him asking. It is his daily questions that provides me additional hope for his future. I honestly feel as grown-ups, we learn more from our children than we ever did growing up.

He asked me this question earlier tonight: "When I get to be your age, I will never have to another MRI?"

Keep the questions coming Mason! I will always give you the best answer.

Celeste said...

Good for you for being honest in your answers to Mason. Sugar coating answers sometimes creates more anxiety. Even the tough questions, like "Why is mommy crying?" That was the hardest question to respond truthfully, but the best answer we came up with was "Mommy is scared."---it was the truth ;) Take care of each other.

The Kempf Family said...
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Svetlana Mena said...

What a great picture of you and Mason.