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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Make a Wish......

It was wonderful to be able to see our doctor here at home, Dr. Jackson. I do have to admit it has been great not seeing a doctor everyday. The blood work at the lab was a different story! First, I got a lecture that the prescription was filled out wrong, from the same guy that was drawing blood. Then he rudely told Mason the numbing cream did not work. My mouth dropped!! Mason the Brave preceded to tell him not to forget the alcohol, the good news it was Mason's Fastest blood draw! And after we left, Mason calmly asked "Was that guy, psycho?" Mason sure does make me smile. He is full of never-ending questions. And if it is not an answer he likes, he will ask again and again. He made me smile today, after I told him how St. Jude is run on donations, he said, "you don't get paid much money if you work there then." Today, Make a Wish came and talked to Mason and he wants to visit Walt Disney World. What a wonderful organization, just brings happy tears to my face. Looking forward to the most magical time. Vacation, together as a family, a time for smiles, laughter and memories.

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Brandie said...

The lab guy needs to keep his mouth shut, it sounds like! How rude!!! Glad to hear it was a quick draw, though. I am so excited for him to go to the Magic Kingdom!! Love you guys and God Bless St. Jude!!