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Friday, June 25, 2010

My Hero

Breaks my heart when Mason tells me he doesn't think he can finish Chemo. He is having the worst time with the pills. Getting harder for him to take, sore throat and nasty taste all the time. Day by day. Just keeping up the positive vibes, he is my hero. Three more months of Chemo Mason, you can do it!!


Amy said...

My gosh, it saddens me so thinking about Mason's pain (and yours) through all of this. It must be so hard for you to stay strong for him all the time. I hope you allow yourself a good cleansing cry now and then. As you said, one day at a time and the treatments will soon be over. Mason can do it!!

Brandie said...

Hang in there Mason! Don't give up the fight just yet. You all have been so strong, I pray you have the strength you need to finish the chemo. Mason, you are such a strong guy, you can do this! Show the world you can! We are here w/you!!

Anonymous said...

Put on the Spoon Full of Sugar song from Mary Poppins and count down the less than 90 days of pills. The days will fly by when you can enjoy all the summer fun you love so much. Mason, you CAN do it with the love and support of your family and friends. Give Mimi a big hug from Marjorie!