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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not always easy

O.k. so I must admit it is not always easy. Today was pretty blah. I made a list of all medications, because it seems we keep adding more. And we have watched Phineas and Ferb until our eyeballs are sore. It is way too HOT here. I have decided we could never live here, because there are no outdoor pools. Besides, we'd miss our incredible friends. :) And I just can't get motivated about opening up a can of spaghettios for dinner. We take each day as they come and get rest when we need it. We were excited about the wonderful article in today's Sun newspaper. Thankful for our friends and family to lean on. And on a positive note, The countdown in ON! If everything continues as planned we can return home in only 14 days!!!!


Anonymous said...

Keep in there Andria--we're praying for you tonight!

Anonymous said...

You are doing SO awesome Andria. All of us know it can't be easy and you keep us all so positive. Let this blah day pass and look forward to smiles and laughs tomorrow.
Love and prayers heading your way...

Anonymous said...

Shucks, we all have those blah days. You could be mopping up another toilet Andria. Wow, I thought I was on a lot of meds, but Mason is quite the trooper with his regimen. HUGS to you; you are an amazing woman.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you alot...because I think alot of you.

You are an incredible mother.

Brandie said...

I'm sorry it was so blah today. I hope tomorrow is a new and better day for you all. I wish you sweet dreams, and a bright tomorrow filled w/lots of giggles and the moments that take your breath away. ;)

Tara said...

Thinking of you every day! I love your positive updates but it's okay to share that there are hard days too. If you tell us then we can send extra good thoughts and try to help in whatever tiny ways we can!

The Kempf Family said...

Thank you everyone. Hugs to all of you. It helps in a BIG way to have your support.