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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bring on Monday!!

Yippee!!! We are giggly as ever!!!! Today we visited the Memphis Zoo and we all splashed in the fountains!! We took Eddie to visit the Komodo dragon and aquarium. We have visited the zoo numerous times and see something new every visit. It was not very busy today, since Memphis was 106 degrees heat index, but the water and shade kept us cool!! Mason is losing some of his puffiness, it's been one week since he has been off steroids, and we said good-bye to 2 more medications. His chemo dosage will get stronger once the radiation is over. We are thankful that he is back to being active and laughing more than ever. Enjoying each day! We are settling in for an evening movie. Ally is sleeping, but just our luck she will be up and dancing just about the time we are ready to catch some zzz's. Good night. Mason is singing, his famous "I've got a Feeling....., and I have to agree it is going to be a good night.


Anonymous said...

Peaceful dreams to all- may you all be home and happy in a splash! Love to all, Aunt G and Uncle S in NY.

Kirsten said...

i'm sure the best is that you are all together this weekend!