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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Driving Home in a Golf Cart..........

One more week, and counting........now only 5 more stickers left. St. Jude is getting ready for a golf tournament, so the kids got to play putt-putt, we had a relaxing day and the boys have been entertained by Mighty Beanz. Mason and Maverick are having a blast with all the different characters. A new fad has begun! And I am so ready to drive home, I'd even drive a golf cart. Tomorrow is blood drawing day, they forgot on Tuesday which was o.k. by Mason. Two more blood drawing days here and then we can continue, once a week at home. I got the song "Fifteen" stuck in my head and Mason's constant questions about the future, but it's hard not to smile with the smell of playdough in the air, no t.v., just the boys singing and laughing.....time to go play! Life is front of you.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're in the last week. It's very exciting to count down these very last days.I'd like to thank you for keeping us updated with your great positive attitude throughtout this whole journey. We are counting down for you too.God bless you all.
Minou Jahani

Gregory said...

Ditto what Minou said.
We are so excited to see you back. It'll be like Mason's very own Holiday when you get back. Even with a birthday to celebrate. AWESOME!!!