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Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Mimi

Bring on the weekend. The summer heat is bearing down on us. But, we are staying cool, filling up the water slide/pool; 3 days in a row. It was fun to watch Ally and Maverick chasing rainbows in the glistening sun as the water sprayed down. I felt Maverick's anguish as he tried to catch one, only to find it disappear. His smile fading, as quickly as his vision of Mason. It's been a roller coaster of a week. My mom had her toe removed and seems to have a lot of pain this time. I won't dwell on my mood swings and anger; as pain will always haunt us. (I debated on deleting that line, but I can't delete my feelings) As I think of Mason, Oreo nudges against me, purring loudly; she comforts us; reminding us you are still here.

Last night we celebrated Mimi's birthday at Harvesters, a local food bank. It really did justice to my mood, it felt great helping out. Mimi's party raised enough food for 156 meals. Now that is something to smile about. We watched an informative video at the end of the night. The statistics flashing;
Food distribution
35.8 million pounds in 2010
Number of clients served
As many as 66,000 different people every week
But of all the numbers, it only takes 1 to make a difference in the life of a hungry child.

Mason you opened our eyes to a brand new world and I am forever grateful.

Happy Birthday Mom. You are the greatest and I love you. You have always inspired me.

After vacation we will be preparing for the Head for the Cure 5K and running in Mason's honor. Mason, I will always be inspired as you finished the entire 3 miles. Sweat dripping down your face as you would run, and then walk; but never giving up. Please follow the link below if you would like to join Make a Difference for Mason Team. On the registration form select Team and then scroll down to select Make a Difference for Mason. We already have 25 runner/walkers and would love to see double, triple, or 4 times that. We will even have green Make a Difference T-shirts. If you'd like to join Mason's team click below. (You can even find a picture of Mason as a Keeping the Faith Award recipient in 2010) Want to be inspired? You can also read the memorials, Mason's is there too.

We are always thinking of ways we can help. Just simple things like a sending card to a child at the Ronald McDonald house. Spreading smiles as we remember Mason. Daily, I learn of more and more kids battling cancer, it hurts but it's reality. And I won't turn my back on you cancer. There is an army growing to defeat you!! Mason, this vacation; just 6 more days... when we gaze at the ocean waters, I'll think of you with each crashing wave. We will smile and cry as the waves whisper your name.
Here is an inspirational video of another child with DIPG, another angel.

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