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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Rock

We had a SPLASH at Sea World. Now that Maverick is 54" he can ride all the rides. Including the Great White roller coaster above. Can you spot his legs dangling? Mom was thrilled to be below taking pictures. Dad and Maverick rode 4 more times!! Ally's favorite part of the day was feeding the flamingos.

Eddie and I without saying a word both felt Mason's presence at the Shamu stadium, remembering our Florida Sea World trip. Later on in the day, Ally asked me to hold her rock. I put it in my pocket, no big deal. Later she explained, "Mom that rock is from Mason, he got it from God and gave it to me, on the back he wrote, Good-bye"
At the very last Shamu Rocks show, while the boys were catching one last ride; Ally and I waited to grab our seats. She whispered to me, "Mom, my heart is broken, it is in lots of pieces; I miss Mason" She actually cut her heart in half using her hand. With tears in both our eyes. I explained how much I miss Mason too, and that he is here; in our memories.
In rocks, in tigers, and in our heart, he surrounds us. She smiled. I smiled too; Ally will always remember Mason.


Anonymous said...

We all will always remember Mason. He is in all of us!

Dionne said...

Good morning! I just wanted you to know that I have had Mason's bookmark taped to my computer screen at work ever since his beautiful service...so that every day I am reminded to live, laugh, and love and that every day given to me is precious. Thanks for sharing your life, pics and family. It looks like you are having a wonderful time on vacation!