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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Words of Wisdom

So many moons ago, my son was complaining, I don't remember why or what, it could have been even a wish to be older. As a mom I always have an answer; be it wise or not. Can you hear the song Teach your Children in the background? Anyhow my quick witted response was, "Enjoy being a kid" Who knew those words would later haunt me. Because there's nothing more painfully than after Mason was diagnosed with brain cancer to hear him whisper, "Mom I understand what you mean about, "enjoy being a kid" Those 4 simple words still play havoc in my head. Mason, you were the one to teach me. I have realized no matter what your age, you can ENJOY being a kid. As we buckle our seat belts and make that first turn down interstate 35 this afternoon, the back seat will be empty. But we will smile thinking of you at every new adventure. We will enjoy being a kid, knowing you will be there; our guide. And i know everyone following Mason's blog knows the new meaning and well, ENJOY being a kid.

Bring on the heat Texas, we are ready to kick some sand in the air and soak in some sunshine!!


Amy said...

Hi Andria and family,
Have a wonderful trip! Thank you for your message to enjoy our days right now! Thank you to Mason for inspiring us all.

Anonymous said...

Safe travels Kempf family!!

Brandie said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip! Thinking of you guys always. Hugs and prayers. Love you guys!