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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July

I admit, I did not listen to today's church sermon, but I got so much out of today's service as I watched the smoke swirl in the stage lights. The church has a smoke machine; just in case you were wondering. The first song, "Our God" (Mason's song) I pictured Mason's celebration tree standing on stage as the words flowed to my heart. Then the coffee kicked in and my mind started racing; thought after thought bouncing back and forth like a pinball. I captured bits and pieces on a scrap piece of paper as Eddie stared at me confused. It was hard for me to even understand all the random thoughts shooting back and forth. Stopping to realize; I have yet to be able to look up at the stars at night. Sound crazy? I know. But, my shining star is up there; it is too hard to admit; too hard to look up and face the fact; I miss my shining star next to me.

By the end of church, the band began the last song as words flashed in front of me; a funny thing happened; I could hear myself sing, louder than ever. I usually mouth the words; you know pretend to sing. There was a sigh of relief; something inside me bursting out.

Tomorrow we celebrate America's birthday. Maverick wanted to be reminded again what 4th of July represents. It represents so much more than a birthday. Freedom, Flags and those that have stood up and continue to stand up and Fight for us. Thank you to all the servicemen. Comfort and pride ring out in the stars and stripes everyday, not just in July. Thank you to all our servicemen from around the world. Thank you, today and always. Here's to YOU, and the Red, White and Blue.

Here's to singing loud in church and someday having strength to stare at the stars again. We miss your spark, Mason.

(Mason's flag in Afghanistan)

Mason and Maverick (2006)

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Deanna said...

Andria, you are amazing, and such an inspiration to me and all of your followers! Your words are beautiful, sincere, and tender. Sharing your feelings seems to help understand my own. I appreciate your continued postings through this new journey for you and your family.
Prayers and hugs always,