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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thanks for sending cards...

We are mailing Mason's birthday card tomorrow. It was so hard picking out a card for him. Guess I really didn't think about that part... But the card above called out his name. I wish instead we were planning a party invitations addressed to all, and I wonder what would top your cake. It's funny, we decided long ago that every 5 years we would have a BIG birthday bash. Last night your brown eyes woke me from a dream.
My mind never stops wandering and thinking; what would you say or how would you style your hair, most of all how different life could be. I still pull my strength from YOU.
Summer smiles are all around, but we turn our heads looking for that extra smile that makes our heart sing.

The Zoo is saving birthday cards for us. Thank you everyone for spreading the word for taking your time to send your greetings. Every single card makes a difference. Your hearts make a difference. We can feel the hugs right to our soul. Mason is watching us.

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marla loveall said...

Our card went in the mail today! I hope the zoo gets tons and tons of cards!