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Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Friday

It's been a busy week. It's hard to hurt when sunshine consumes your day. But, oh how much sunshine we forever will miss. As we look up to the sky; Maverick always noticing cloud formations. He answered to the pain in my heart, "Mom we will fly amongst the clouds someday"

A huge Thank you to a group of friends for sending a Huge Splash in the mail. Season passes for our entire family to enjoy Schlitterbahn. We were overcome with joy as the sign at Schlitterbahn says it best. "Let's play because the best thing to do is play all day! It's one thing we have learned the most to enjoy each day and celebrate.

Tonight we are ready for an action packed evening at Livestrong stadium as we watch the "Wizards" as Maverick still calls the KC soccer team. Eddie's work group is tailgating and provided the tickets.

Maverick ended his week at VBS. I am so proud of the peace and comfort he has found within Church and God's Love. We send prayers to all the children that are currently fighting cancer today, some just clinging on; like a butterfly with a broken wing, we still hear Hope whispering in the wind.

It's also no coincidence that the number 10 keeps popping up everywhere. Ally saw 10 fireflies in flight, and my change $10.10. By the way I tried a new cereal today, it was the same cereal Mimi goofed when looking for Honey Comb. I took 10 bites for you Mason.


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful world this is. You are such a great family and deserve such blessings 'splashes' in your day! I think of you often. Love,Cindy

kim said...


I am soooooooooooo glad to hear the kiddos are enjoying their vbs. I am glad that Maverick is finding some peace by developing and strengthening his relationship with God. That is one relationship that will never ever let you down.

I was having a rough day when I ran into you at Stonegate. Thanks for the smiles. It was like a God moment for me. I was having a down day and really needed a hug and there you were. Thank You my dear friend.

Have an Amazing Weekend,
Kim and the Brood