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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Wave from Tiger Lilies

We spent the afternoon at Schlitterbahn. Nothing better than adding some splashes to our day. Tiger lilies were in full bloom throughout the park, each bloom crying out to us. At the River Ride, we floated along a tube trying to catch the biggest wave. For a moment time stood still as my mind fixated on each wave. I imagined all my worries and pain being carried away with each passing wave. Yeah, I tried. Then I thought; Mason would want us here; splashing and having fun. As I closed my eyes, I could hear an echo of laughter in the distance as the sunshine warmed our hearts.

Later in the day, once again out of nowhere, Ally gazing above shared a message from Mason.
"Dad, Mason is telling me a joke, "Where did the monkey put his underwear? In his drawers"

Thank you Mason for catching a wave with us today and sharing a joke. Happy Dad's Day to my dad, grandpa and hubby. To all the dads out there I hope your day was filled with sunshine.


Brandie said...

Always thinking of you guys! Always thinking of Mason! Hope you had a wonderful weekend full of smiles and memories! Hugs and prayers and strength be with you tomorrow for Mason's birthday. He has forever changed so many of us, we are better people because of him.

kim said...

You are and will be in my prayers tomorrow. Tomorrow will probably be one of the toughest days you ever endure. You are a strong family. You can and will make it through tomorrow. Mason wants you to and to honor Mason celebrate him. I will be praying that God sends your strength, that you feel his presence in the day and most importantly you that you will be able to LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH!! Peace, Kim and the Brood