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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keeping positive

Mason stayed home again today and will again tomorrow. We are waiting to hear more from the doctor. Frustrations are high; follow-up questions are left unanswered. We are SO thankful for our local pediatrician. It's nice to have such a caring doctor at home. We are loving the beautiful Fall weather. Watch out squirrels, Mason has transformed Rex!! And thanks dad for the surprise pie in your face!! Mason found a way to make me smile every time I needed today. Like in the doctor's office, "Mom, it was pretty obvious the doctor and you wanted me out of the room. I didn't know what to do so I was BAD!" He was surprised the nurse made no comments about his eyelashes, 2 minutes later she came back in and said, "I must tell you you have the most beautiful eyelashes." ROFL!! We also had a fun time at Target looking at all the latest Bakugan! "Mom, did you know in 2012 the Bakugan kids become adults." So many comments really stick inside my head. Like, so mom what should I be when I grow up? Me: I thought you wanted to be a scientist. He replied, "But that takes so much time." I told him he could do anything, cause I am already proud! Maverick and Mason are enjoying the Wii and Bakugan games. Even Ally yells, Bakugan Brawl! And Mason enjoyed the cards from his class friends today. Thankful for so many things, pumpkin pie, fall leaves, friends, and days filled with laughter.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I am giggling at both those pictures. LOVE LOVE LOVE Rex's costume. It sounds like your house is full of laughter even though there are times I am sure you want to break down and hold Mason tight. I hope he gets some relief soon from these headaches! Praying...

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I Love the costume!!! That is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

hope the headaches get better! It was good to see you two at Target!

Misic Family said...

I think Rex's costume is a contender for the costume contest.