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Friday, October 8, 2010


Sight: I can see Jack O' Lanterns at night and leaves falling in fall.
Smell: I can smell cooking in the kitchen on Thanksgiving.
Touch: I can feel leaves falling from trees and I can feel pumpkin guts and knives carving pumpkins
Taste: I can taste pumpkin pie, turkey stuffing, and Halloween candy.
Listen: I can hear rakes raking leaves and kids playing outside.
From, Mason

Thanks Mason for bringing the sights and sounds of Fall alive!


Amy said...

Hi Andria,
Did you really post this at 4:16 a.m.? Yikes...you need sleep! Anyway, thanks for your regular updates of Mason and the Kempf household reality and dreams. Great photo of the three with their Jack O'Lanterns. I still "require" an annual family outing to the pumpkin patch and my boys are 16 and 22! We'll be going next weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love Fall!! Mason really captured the heart of the season. Love it!

Diane R.