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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Your support means so much

Good news! Mason took his Chemo the last 2 nights much better, no tears!! Your support helps so much, just knowing everyone is on his side really helps. We are also slowly moving the evening dose to an even earlier time, this should help too. Last night he ran outside and was so thirsty that he swallowed the Chemo right down, so maybe he can jog before each dose. Smiles!! Thank you everyone!! Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July weekend!

Like a pebble cast on water, making circles that reach out far beyond it's center, your kindness can touch more lives than you will ever know.


Amy said...

Great news! So glad that Mason is handling the treatment better.

Anonymous said...

God bless each one of you. As you continue on this journey together there will be waves carrying you emotionally up and down. You all are doing a fabulous job of riding those waves. My church's prayer chain (along with all the other churches) is right there with Mason as he bravely faces a new day. It is wonderful knowing that you can feel all the support.

marla loveall said...

That's such good news! It's hard enough just to deal with the effects of it but then to have the taking it part a nightmare also is just adding salt to the wound! I'm so happy to hear that the last 2 evenings have gone better! Hopefully it will continue to get better until it's just like drinking water or something!!