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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a Day

Mason started the morning with a slight headache, which only worsened, causing him to sleep all day. He woke up around 3 with the same headache. (I gave him Tylenol to relive the pain) At this time he moved from the bed to the living room floor and went back asleep. He complained it hurt to lift his head and did not eat all day! His right eye also seemed to look a bit off, his headache was in the same eye. Thankfully by 6 pm he woke up. I promised anything he wanted for dinner. Bolings was ordered. Crab Rangoon and Mandarin Chicken! We said an evening prayer and now he is watching Minute to Win it followed by America's got Talent. Pretty scary day for mom, and dad too. He is relaxing now with a small headache. Thanks for all the support and prayers, we truly feel all your love, you bring a smile to our troubled hearts.

"For all the love and blessings you have given unto me, May God return it all one day. Twice as much to thee." -Yolanda Cohen


Brandie said...

Thank you for the update on him! I am glad to hear it is a bit better, but can't wait until his pain goes away. I hope tomorrow will be much better for him! AND you! Thinking of you always!

Melinda said...

Hope today is better for Mason! Thanks so much for all the updates you give to everyone. Hang in there!