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Sunday, July 25, 2010

We are home

We are home! Arriving home in style! We had the most magical adventure of a lifetime. And truly the most relaxed, care free, FUN vacation!!! Give the Kids the World was fabulous, we have memories to treasure in our hearts forever. Sea World and Universal Studios were our top favorites, but it was all so magical. Ally loved seeing Barney and Little Einsteins. Maverick loved the roller coasters and Tower of Terror and Mason loved the water rides, Simpsons Ride, Mickey Mouse and collecting souvenir pennies. I could go on and on......... We will post pictures on FB. It's amazing how quickly reality hits us back in the face. We are having Orlando withdraws. The Chemo has started, being on vacation and having ice cream for breakfast and after dinner each night sure made it easier! He has to take it with 6 oz. of plain water, but this morning after swallowing 3, I let him drink fruit punch, anything so he does not vomit. We had one night where he could not do it. Last night,with no magic in the air, nightmares and tears returned. I am hoping it is just a meltdown from the overwhelming "FUN" trip. And after viewing vacation photos, seeing his hair loss hit him hard. Reality hurts. We have to remember that Disney motto, Celebrate Today!! We thank Make a Wish for the magic and memories!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like your trip was "outta this world". Your villa looks like something out of a cartoon strip. I saw some tired eyes in the pictures, so rest up. Hope Mason continues to have strength and determination to swallow those chemo pills. Prayers have never stopped! Welcome Home.

Brandie said...

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

Seems like a fabulous trip. Thanks for the pics on FB. Love having you home again.Our prayers are with you every day.