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Friday, April 30, 2010

Just have to share

Yesterday we were walking through the hospital and Mason said "I would rather be on American Idol and be voted off early" He has an incredible outlook on things. I just wish he did not have such a fear of needles.


Anonymous said...

shit, the fear of needles is understandable. keep logging his comments. he's an old sole in a sick body. love you you all. Liz

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Liz. He is an old sole. You can see it in his eyes. Please keep logging his comments (you should let him type something to us). His perspective on this experience is amazing. He is teaching us all wonderful lessons about life with his actions and thoughts. Carrie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. We are thinking of you constantly. If Mason (or you or Ally) have any "wishes" for what you would like in a care-box -- let me know. Kristy

Brandie said...

I agree w/Kristy. We need ideas for care packages that we can send your way. Thank you so much for keeping us all up to date. So many people are reading this (even folks you may not know that are friends and family of ours,and others)... We are all fighting for him and the blogs help us feel we are there with you no matter how many miles are in between us.

Anonymous said...

LOL! LOVE IT!!! Mason is such an awesome kid.
Praying for you all every day.
Heather E.

Anonymous said...

I agree too we need some ideas for care packages. My heart is with you and I pray for strength for you all! Heather K.