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Monday, April 26, 2010

Discovery of a tumor

Mason Arik was born 6/21/2001 at 7:04 p.m to the most excited parents ever! We are so blessed to become parents from the love of adoption. A gift we are forever grateful.

Beginning in March of 2010, Mason complained of severe headaches, mostly at night. We started documenting wondering if they were just end of the day stress headaches. Then the headaches went from 2-3 times a month (over a 2 month period) to every night and more severe, by the 3rd night I contacted his pediatrician. I was told to give him Excedrin Migraine.

But by the next day we were walking to school and he had double vision- everything he saw was double (side by side) After questioning the school nurse she mentioned we need to see an eye doctor. Fortunately, we were able to get an appointment that day with Sabates eye care. After his eye was dilated she noticed his eyes were shifting. An immediate MRI was scheduled.

After the most agonizing MRI, mom and dad stood by his side while he shook in fear for 40 minutes, we went home awaiting the results. That's when we were told it was a tumor (pontine glioma) We waited to visit the doctor before researching the internet. So imagine the shock to hear this is the worst locations to find a tumor, inside the brain stem. (inoperable and unfortunately very serious) We have found the St. Jude website to be very informative about his condition. But also very disheartening, we now pray for a miracle cure.


marla said...

Andria, I cant even imagine how you must feel right now! Hearing something like this is every parents worst nightmare and fear!!! I hate that you are going through this! Know that my prayers will be for you and your family as you gather more information about treatment for this! The blog will be a great way to get a prayer team going!!!

Steve Kellen (BRR) said...

Eddie and Andria,

Instead of offering my sympathies, instead I offer you my full support and best thoughts and hopes as your family goes thru this. As you may remember Eddie, my son Cody is nine, and I like may others cannot fathom or comprehend what you as parents must be going thru. I wish your family the best of luck as you go thru this journey. I will be keeping up thru your blog and encourage you to call me anytime you can.


Steve Kellen (and family)