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Friday, April 30, 2010

Banana Split Sundae

Mason is currently in the MRI (1 hr 30 min) He wanted to be sedated so he did not have to see the IV. I wanted to see if he wanted to go over multiplication problems, and he said I did all that work for nothing! Today was the day he was suppose to have a banana split for knowing all his multiplication from 1's to 12's. So we promised him the biggest sundae we can get after his ordeal today. His biggest fear right now is the radiation mask he has to wear during treatment, he says it suffocates him. I tell him how strong he is. Ally is occupied by all the toys in the waiting rooms. The zoo is only 3 miles from here, free admission so we will hopefully get a chance to stop by, Mason's favorite animal is the Tiger.


Brandie said...

It must have chocolate on it! That is a must!!

zmarquardt said...

If masks were bad Super Heros wouldn't wear them - and Mason is certainly a super hero! By the way - I share his fear of needles - I just tell the nurses I'm alergic to them. They laugh, I laugh, and it's all better. You know, laughter is great medicine.

Mary Werth said...

The zoo sounds like a nice afternoon. When his symptoms improve (double vision, headaches etc.) do you plan to see Elvis's Graceland sometime in the 6 weeks you are there? I am sure that is a big question mark as you need to take it day by day. It is something to see, even if it is a bit pricey and touristy. Mason got through his multiplication tables fast, Alexandra has her 9's and 12's left to test. Glad Ali is finding fun along the way today.

Anonymous said...

I would love to send you some ice cream brownies but for sure they would be a terrible melted mess upon arrival! We love you in NY. Aunt G and Uncle S

Misic Family said...

Zach wants to tell Mason: Get better very soon, I look forward to you coming back soon so we can hang out and play wii.