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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wiscurzoo Sunday

Thank you for purchasing a Wiscurzoo.  For those that are interested you can send an email to makx2@everestkc.net for more information.  We are currently SOLD out!!!  Thank you Heartland for your generosity and support.   Have a WISCURZOO Day!!
WIS-Stands for Make a Wish
CUR- Cure for Cancer
ZOO- an important part of our journey we spent visiting the Zoo/ Mason's favorite animal was the Tiger.

We have reached a  milestone raising $1232 at Red Robin and $1132 with today's Wiscurzoos.  With wishing well, previous sales and on-line donations we are at  $3,279.00  We are beyond amazed. 
With an average WISH costing between $3000 to $5000, it just proves how together we can make a difference.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts as we continue fundraising for Make a Wish in memory of Mason. 


Anonymous said...

That is WONDERFUL!!! Another family will get their wish from you generosity!


sara stauffer said...

It was great having all of you in Great Adventure today. Maverick did a great job teaching the kids (and adults) about generosity! Here's the first batch of photos on facebook.

marla loveall said...

That is so amazing!!! Wow Maverick... what a cool kid you are! You have a heart of gold! You're going to go far in this life!

Mary and Alexandra Werth said...

I agree with Marla 100% that Maverick and all of the Kempfs have a heart of gold. I am thrilled that your fundraising efforts have raised enough money for anothe family in need of granting their child a heartfelt wish! Your light show was amazing and Eddie is so talented how he made tiger displays out of PVC piping. God chose your family to deliver the message of love and caring about each other. At the rate of your fundraising, I would not be surprised if you end up granting 2 families their wishes.

Anonymous said...

I love my Wiscurzoos. Great idea Maverick!!
Reilly z.

Anonymous said...

God bless each one of you as you continue on your journey. Way to go Maverick!! Thanks for all your hard work, you'll make a lot of children happy with their Wiscurzoos.

Deanna said...

Fantastic! Maverick, you are to be congratulated on both your idea for the Wiscurzoos and working so hard to make each one and get them sold for the Make a Wish Foundation! You are one awesome young man and Mason is so proud of his brother! You, Ally, and your Mom and Dad are truly a special family. Thank you for making it possible for this wonderful foundation to grant the wish of another special child. I am so proud to even know you guys!