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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


First snowfall...excitement and sadness.   As I wrote Mason and heart, I licked the snow off my fingers.  Then I laughed, Mason always ate Snow and I would shake my head and say, gross.  But he still would eat snow by the mouth full.  Here's to the first snow and the first "taste" of winter.
2007-Eating SNOW!

The snow sure made Maverick happy this morning.  As Maverick has a music recorder concert this evening, I'd say someone up above will be proudly watching. 


Anonymous said...

Celia told me it snowed and I said "for Mason". Just in time for the Red Robin dinner too.

Brandie said...


Deanna said...

I know there were many of us thinking of Mason this morning as we awoke to the first snowfall this winter. He gave us all a new awareness in the beauty of winter and snow! He will be so proud of Maverick this evening for his concert!