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Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking ahead

2012- we are ready to Make a Difference!! 
 Every day of every month we are always thinking of ways to make a  difference.  Here are some events in 2012 we'd love to share with you.  It's easy to remember as the months spell M, A, S, O, N.
M- March (the end of March we'll plant a tree in memory of Mason-maybe 9?)
A- April (garage sale fundraiser TBA)  August  (August 26 Head for Cure 5K at Corporate Woods)  We would love to have you join the 2012 Make a Difference for Mason team; as a volunteer or participant.   We will let you know when registration is available.
S- September is Childhood Cancer Awareness-We are planning! ( Sept 15 Zoo Run-Fingers crossed its for the Tiger!!
O-  October 13- Jared Coones Memorial Pumpkin Run  http://www.pumpkinrunwalk.org/
N- November thru December Seasons of Wishes for Make-a-Wish®

These are just a few events we are looking forward to in 2012.  We will keep you updated at Make a Difference for Mason Facebook page.    We'd love to have you join us at any of these events.  We also hope to have T-shirts available again.  Thanks so much for your support.  
Nothing brings a bigger smile then green balloons in the above picture; or to hear friends  start their own fundraisers in memory of Mason.  One for St. Jude and another for the Tiger.
It means so much to see how Mason continues to impact other lives.  

Maverick is also excited about the new year, he is even thinking of new Wiscurzoos designs.  He is also looking forward to shoveling driveways, mowing lawns, etc.  And when spring arrives its  fishing, and playing baseball; who knows with his energy what he will think of next.   I am so very proud of him.  

Allyson is already talking about kindergarten next year and splashing at the pool this summer.  And she already thinks 15 is o.k to marry.  This does not scare me too much, she thinks I am 15.   

Today we are going to the Zoo; the first animal to visit starts with a T. 

To be honest, I have mixed emotions about New Year's Eve.  First of all Eddie and I never have gone out on New Year's.  We have always stayed at home and played board games, watched home videos and reminisced with the kids.  This year we will be home but it won't be the same. There is a sinking in our hearts that time will never heal. But we move ahead always remembering and sharing.
After typing the above list, my heart smiles knowing 2012 we continue to make a difference.  Our lives forever changed.    Live, Laugh, Love for Mason.  

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