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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yesterday; one of those days where a dark cloud lingers above and you just keep waiting for a glimpse of sunshine. Pill is not a word to be said in our house, thankfully there is a liquid form of Zantac. But that still sits on the pharmacy shelf as last night's cloud continued to plague our household. Headache was intense; and sleep followed at 5:30 pm for Mason. While Mason slept and dad cleaned dishes, we left the quiet house to visit the library. I felt as if every book was jumping out and attacking me; it's been that long. "Call me Ishmael." Today brings a new day. My thoughts right now, disassembled, like a jigsaw puzzle. Today we are looking for a rainbow in the sky. Or finding a place to write our name in the sand and watch the waves crash against the rocks. "Yesterday," by the Beatles keeps playing in my head.... "now I need a place to hide away." And who knows this day can be filled with loads of sunshine and laughter; today is a new day. I know it's what you make of it. I see ice cream in today's forecast...


Svetlana said...

I hope you and your family get a lot of sunshine today. Andria, no one knows how you feel unless they have walked in your shoes but you have a lot of supporters out here. You have touched a lot of peoples lives and in fact changed them to appreciate all the small things that have been taken for granted. I hope the day gets better for you and your family.

Melinda said...

Makes my heart hurt to see you post this...I hope you can find some rainbows, smiles & laughter today. Please know how many of us think of your family each & every day and Svetlana is right that you have changed many of us in how we view life and how to embrace it better. +++ thoughts to you!!