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Sunday, November 7, 2010

An extra hour........

Here's to you Mason, and your fabulous smile!! Saturday; a day of errands for mom and Christmas lights for dad. Santa has no problems finding our house. Eddie's slightly obsessed with holiday illumination. And this year; there is no stopping him, the kids love the lights. Giving that there is only 2 more weekends until our house is a glow; he's very busy. The boys were content at a day of watching T.V., playing Bakugan and watching dad decorate. Homework was attempted, and shoved in a corner. Maybe another day? Thankful for an added hour to our day. This Sunday; family pictures and KC Chiefs football blaring on the T.V.!! Each day a new day. Thankful for the cards from St. Lawrence School in Rochester NY, friends reaching out, and continued prayers. I could go on and on, you know who you are; thanks for getting us through our day. * As a side note: Liquid Zantac was so unbelievably nasty, that Mason does not mind swallowing the pill form.


Melinda said...

Love to hear you so upbeat today! Can't wait to see your house all lit up! Have a wonderful day and enjoy this beautiful weather!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he is feeling better and have a great watching the Cheifs play football. Love u Guys
Aunt Shirley

Brandie said...

Sounds like an awesome day!!! Glad to hear it!!! :) Can't wait to see the house. Your lights from last year will be tough to beat- they were so beautiful, but I have a feeling Eddie will somehow be able to do it once again!! Enjoy your day- cheers to you all! :)

Amy said...

Glad the weekend was good. I hope to see some of those undoubtedly great family pictures you had taken. What a perfect day for that. And I will definitely be driving by your house to see those Christmas lights! Not a day goes by that I don't think about all of you in the Kempf family...you are all troopers, getting through some hard times with your bravery and smiles.