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Friday, November 12, 2010

My Star Everyday!!

Good Morning everyone! Mason would like to say hello to everyone out there. Especially all his school and class that he misses. I thought I'd share some of his favorites. Mason is "Star of the week "in his class, but has been at home. Necrosis being the reason (which was from receiving radiation.) His coordination and balance is off. And this morning he could not remember what he did last night. He also gets a headache when he thinks; making school work difficult. His body is not moving like it should at times, and that is very frustrating. Medication may help, but the right treatment for necrosis is still being discussed. Mason would love to go to school just now is not a good time.

Here are some of Mason's current favorites:
Start the morning: a bowl of Life Cereal or Lucky Charms
Favorite drink" Chocolate milk and Coca-Cola
Reading: Diary of Wimpy Kid, The Ugly Truth (read them all)
Favorite Song: Usher-DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love
Excited about: Snow (yesterday he could smell snow in the air)
Favorite Sport: soccer, but just yesterday he said Maverick and his new sport is Football!!
Favorite Snack: Oreo Blast-loves making his own with Oreos, milk and ice cream

Thanks everyone for checking in, have a GREAT weekend!! Go Chiefs!!


Amy said...

Hi Andria and Mason,
Thanks for the update. It is good to see Mason's latest list of favorites! I hope that the doctors find the right meds to relieve some of Mason's symptoms so he can get back to school and hanging with his friends really soon.

Heather E said...

Mason, you're a kid after my own heart. I would join you in that bowl of Lucky Charms, some chocolate milk and an oreo blast! Good taste kiddo! :)