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Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer isn't over yet!

We love the weekends! 400 plus water balloons and an evening with the neighbors sure made our weekend a Blast!! Make's Monday a little harder.........with an after school doctor visit, our weekly blood draw........ I don't want the weekend to end. The good news is Mason is awake and eager to start the week. Besides summer is not over yet, we'll be splashing every moment!!! Celebrate every day, even Mondays! Be sure to check out the Summer Memories Video on the right--We had the time of our life. Just wait Fall, we have a lot of FUN planned too....


Misic Family said...

That Video is awesome. You all must be exhausted from all of the fun.

The Misic Family

Amy said...

I love this picture. Your family must keep the local balloon distributors in business. I have never seen so many water balloon events as I have in your summer pictures!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe all those water balloons either. I bet there was not one dry person in sight. Loved your video~ u guys had a blast this summer cant wait to see what the fall brings.

Brandie said...

The video is worth a million words..... all talking about what a great time you had- indeed the time of your life!! :) No one could have asked for a better summer after watching that video. It feels like we are there with you at each and every fun spot!