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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School

School started with a huge SMILE!! It is great to be back and have a normal day, back with friends and teachers. Walking to school with the neighborhood kids, playing after school, and even doing homework again. A normal day, you know where farts are funny, Nerf gun darts are scattered throughout the house, and Rex wagging when you come home from school. All normal, except for twice a day when it's Chemo time and the world just doesn't seem fair. So glad for normalcy, but still needing that extra hug at the end of the day. Still seeking knowledge and strength; being a kid shouldn't have to be so hard.

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Anonymous said...

Andria- I ADMIRE you...the strength and courage that your family displays each and everyday has made me a better person. My family is a better family because of your family. I hope you get some rest tonight...and know that we are always here to give out hugs or whatever you guys need...our prayers are always with you...

Good Night