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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Hero

Here is a picture I just happened to run across, it was taken the last day of radiation at St. Jude and we were homeward bound. This mask was worn every Monday-Friday at 11 am for 6 weeks. At first it gave him nightmares. The tight fitting mask, having to lie still on the table as beams of radiation go in your head, while mom waited in the lobby. Black Eyed Peas blaring in his ears, who knows what he was thinking. Lots of inner strength, not knowing what to expect the next day, missing home. The cuts on the mask were made the last week due to puffy cheeks. Mason you will always be my hero. I share this picture knowing that September 13 is around the corner, we are returning to St. Jude for a MRI. Chemo will start again September5 and end the 18th. The 22 week treatment ends.What's next? Lots of inner strength.........


Svetlana Mena said...

I hope and prey for only good news.

Anonymous said...

You have raised a very brave little boy. You guys are always in my thoughts.

Love you all,

Peters Family said...

Our family hopes that everything goes well down in St. Judes for you Mason. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Glad you will have your music to listen to.

Christy L. said...

Mason & family, you're love & strength have touched so many people. Through he challenges, I'm praying for a joy-filled month for you all.