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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

 Thank you 4th graders for making 77cards for the Ronald McDonald house in Kansas City. It meant so much to our family. Mason Valentines continue to spread joy.  Happy Valentines Day!
Celebrate the love and happiness in your life everyday.  Thank you.

The picture above is the lobby of the Ronald McDonald house.

As I was going through all of last years cards, so many we hold close to our hearts and have saved...like the one below from a 9 year old girl; somebody somewhere, straight to our hearts.  This is why we are here... for Hope and inspiration. Thank you Nora.

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Deanna said...

Maverick, you and your family continue to be so inspiring to thousands of your faithful followers! I, for just one, am so proud to know you and appreciate the opportunity in any small way to support you in your projects! What you and your family accomplished for the Make a Wish foundation is truly awesome! Mason is so very proud of you....and this idea to bring so much happiness to other children on Valentine's Day through Mason's cards is incredible! You are already an amazing young man....you will be able to be anything you want to be as you grow into a young adult. Thank you for letting us enjoy being a part of your journey.