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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A punch in the stomach

Mason stayed home from school for the first time, he is feeling better. Stomach pain yesterday, not sure why. He explained it felt like someone was punching him in the stomach all day. All I could think about was the pills he had to swallow. He still hates to drink water--Nothing seems to satisfy his thirst. Believe me I tried it all, chocolate milk and Coke seem to be his favorite.
I thought I'd share a poem about Chemo, I wrote awhile ago...nothing more to add. We are keeping busy this month adding fun to our weekends and enjoying laughter when it jumps in!

What's the name of the pill?
Hoping cancer, it will kill.
The purple pill so gross.
Ready for the next dose.
Pills too toxic to touch,
14 are ever so much.
My son, I do admire.
Oh, the pills you require!
You are so strong,
Cancer is so wrong.
Finish your dose, just try!!
Too hard to explain; why?
One thing I assure,
I will fight for a cure
My anger is like a beast,
This pain will never cease.
This my son, so unjust,
In God we must trust.


Anonymous said...

is there anything he really can't eat right now? I've been craving cinamon rolls and thought I'd share a pan with your family if Mason can eat them.

Brandie said...

I'm glad to hear he is feeling better. I hope this weekend with your Grandpa is one of the best you have ever had with him. Here is to smiles, love and the sun coming out for you all. Love you guys!

Mary & Alexandra Werth said...

Andria, you have a real talent for writing and taking photos. Have you considered submitting this poem to various cancer publications or causes? You should also put it on your Facebook..